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The post highlights the incidents related to the Nashville Shooting Video Reddit and the bodycam footage released by the police officers.

Are you aware of the recent shooting that took place in Nashville? The recent killings have shocked the people of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and they are eager to know more details about the incident.

To clarify all the questions in the reader’s mind, we have this article dedicated especially to the Nashville Shooting Video Reddit news. Stay tuned.


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Availability of the video on Reddit

The police officials have released a body cam video of the incident where the shooter Audrey Hale was taken down. The video can be found on all channels and is available on Reddit.

People who wish to see the video can visit the platform and find many dedicated posts on the incident.

Is the shooting video Viral On TikTok?

We have not personally come across the video on TikTok. Still, as mentioned, the police officials have circulated the body can video on all the channels, and people on various channels have shared it, so there is a possibility that the video may be present on TikTok as well.

Are there any posts on Instagram?

We have not found the video on Instagram, but some posts explain what happened in Nashville and how the 6 members of the school premises were killed in the shooting. Unfortunately, people lost their lives without being the culprit.

Presence of a YouTube link concerning the video

Many links on various YouTube channels showcase the body cam video released by the metro police department and explain what happened in the Covenant school on Monday.

People seem to be interested in finding the video available on the channel and are looking for it.

 Nashville Shooting Footage in detail

The shooter, Audrey Hale, entered the school premises through the left door and wind from the first to the second floor and started firing multiple shots. During this incident, three children lost their lives, along with three faculty members.

Who released the Nashville Shooting Bodycam Video?

The body can video released by the police officials made the citizens and people eager to know what happened with the shooter after the police entered the premises.

People’s reaction on Twitter

People applaud the officers for their instant step and for saving many more lives in the school. The Twitter platform is filled with various discussion forums that allow people to pinpoint their viewpoints.

Is there any Telegram link present?

We have not encountered any Telegram link to the incident, but there is a possibility that some links must have been shared in the private groups or channels available on the platform.

Social media links




The police officers killed the shooter Audrey Hale and took the matter under control. They are further investigating why the incident occurred and the reason behind it.

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Nashville Shooting Video Reddit: FAQs

Q1. Who is the shooter in the incident?

Audrey Hale.

Q2. Where did the killings happen?

The Covenant School, Nashville.

Q3. Who all lost their lives in the recent shooting?

Three students were nine years old, and three faculty members were.

Q4. Who is behind the release of the body camera footage?

The (MNPD) Metro Nashville Police Department.

Q5. Can the viewers find the video on various social media websites?


Q6. On which day the shooting happened?

On March 27, 2023.

Q7. How was the shooter equipped?

He was found wearing a red cap with a white T-shirt and with assault rifles.

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