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The given article will provide information about Kira Jump Video Twitter. Find all the internal details of the video and the authorities’ actions.

Are you wondering why people are demanding Kira Jump’s beaten-up video? Who is Kira Jump? Why are United States citizens demanding justice for Kira? A video of a girl getting tortured by her friends was circulating on social media. People are demanding the video to watch the Incident.

Initially, the video was available on social media, but it was dropped from every server due to violent acts. So netizens are searching for the video on Twitter to get a small clip of the Incident. You can find the details of the Kira Jump Video Twitter here.


About the Incident 

On 11 March 2023, Kira Hart went to her friends for a night stay sleepover. Initially, everything was good, and the girls were having fun. But somehow, the whole scenario got rough for Kira Hart due to unknown reasons. Kira’s friends, Chloe Denman and Rhynisha Grech, start torturing her and holding her hostage for multiple hours.

Viral On Reddit 

A video of Two girls, Chloe and Rhynisha, throwing blows and a chair at Kira with multiple household equipment while a fourth friend was recording the whole video. Per the recorder, the video was captured to defame Kira Hart. 

The girls also uploaded the before and after scenes of the brawl. The video was posted in the private Telegram groups, but somehow one of the members uploaded it on social media. 

Police Investigation 

Police immediately took action on the situation after watching the video on social media. The authority terminated the accounts that were uploading the video. Police brought the girl to the station and interrogated them about the Incident. As per the report, all the girls in the room and the video are under 18 (all girls were 14-15). 

Further, police reported the Incident in the media through YouTube and different news reporters. The police couldn’t take stick action on the girls as they were minors, and they were soon released on bail given by their parents.

Public Opinion 

People find the video and the Incident shameful. It is horrible for girls to torture another girl to defame her or to showcase their supremacy. People find the Incident sick and are looking for justice for the girl. Many of the netizens were posting justice videos on Tiktok

Who is Kira Hart?

Kira Hart was born and brought up in Queensland, Australia. She is 14 years old, as per the police report. Moreover, the police are not providing additional information about Kira.

Social Media links 



Final Verdict 

A video of girls fighting in a room went viral on social media. People who watched the video found it terribly awful to torture any girl to the full extent. Everyone was looking for the full video link and fighting for justice for Kira Hart.

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Kira Jump Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1. What is the age of Kira Hart?

As per the police report, Kira is 14 years old.

Q2. Why are girls beating Kira in the video?

Girls were torturing her to show dominance and uploaded the video to defame her.

Q3. Is there any full link to the video available on social media?

Multiple links are available, but none redirect you to the original video.

Q4. For how much time Kira suffered the pain?

As per police investigation, she suffered for the last 4 to 5 hours in that room.

Q5. What is Kira Hart’s Instagram account?

Information is unavailable.

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