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This article on Btb Savage Crime Scene Video tells viewers about an event that alarmed his supporters and social media.

Are videos of BTB Savage being shared online? BTB Savage faced what? A Houston-based rap artist was allegedly killed days after posting a photo of an assault occurrence, as shown in the widely shared video footage.

Despite the delicate nature of the situation, online users in the United States and many other countries have only expressed outrage and created disrespectful images. In light of this, we’ll examine what is depicted in Btb Savage Crime Scene Video using this evaluation.



We implore viewers to learn more about the happenings and occurrences occurring worldwide rather than supporting them.

 What does the video of BTB Savage contain?

The rapper BTB Savage was recently killed on 31st March 2023, in Houston night in River Oaks. A video capturing the rapper’s murder location has gained much attention on Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Authorities claim that BTB made an uproar about killing his foe a few hours before his death. The video clip shared on Twitter shows what appears to be a dead body on the ground, which is believed to be Savage’s body.

What was the recent statement of Btb Savage Crime Scene Twitter?

A few hours before his killing, BTB Savage showcased his watch on social networking sites. He posed near a bloody, dried-up kitchenette. The artist was also seen wearing a plaster mold on the arm. 

Police authorities are still investigating whether the dry blood image depicts the Savage’s last minutes. The house reportedly had blood from a robbery on it. He also captioned the latest post mentioning too much motion. He shared the picture on Twitter.

Is the probe into BTB’s killing ongoing?

Several individuals on social networking platforms have argued that the deceased artist barely had sufficient time to witness his message. It has become increasingly popular as the inquiry into his demise progresses. 

At a press briefing this past weekend, Troy Finner, the Houston Police Chief, discussed the predicament and mentioned that federal colleagues have intervened to aid the investigation. 

An extensive team is presently searching for BTB’s murderers. But as of right now, nobody has been taken into custody. Btb Savage Video Reddit is widely circulated.

Is the probe into BTB’s killing ongoing

Who reported the crime that happened with BTB Savage?

Troy said they got a call for assistance at an attack in action at about 06:10 PM. In the Mid Lane’s 2100 block, a drive-by gunshot occurred. When the police came, they found a dead American-African man on the spot who appeared to have been in his twenties. He was recognized as BTB Savage, riding a white Mercedes. 

Troy also mentioned that according to eyewitness accounts, a black, more recent Mitsubishi SUV-style car with dark screens approached the man in question and started firing, as seen in Btb Savage Crime Scene Video

Quick Wiki: 

  • Name- Brian Thompson
  • Nickname- BTB Savage
  • Birthplace- USA
  • Date of birth- unknown
  • Religion- Christianity  Visit Website

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Rapper BTB Savage recently passed away after being attacked. The authorities are yet to identify the accused. Additional information about BTB Savage’s murder can be found here

Was it difficult for you to embrace the rappers killing? Post your thoughts on the artist’s passing.

Btb Savage Crime Scene VideoFAQs

Q1. Was BTB Savage murdered?


Q2. Who murdered BTB Savage?

The suspect in BTB Savage’s murder is not yet known.

Q3. What was the annual income of BTB Savage?

$150,000 (approximately)

Q4. Was the rap artist’s body depicted in the trending video?

Recent footage circulating on Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms claimed to show BTB Savage’s body on the floor.

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