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This article states complete details about G68 Star Wars and further details on G68 betrayal in series season 3. Follow our article for the latest updates.

Are you aware of the Disney plus series The Mandalorian Season 3? Do you know what is the role of G68 in The Mandalorian Season 3? If not, this article is all you need to go through. The season 3 of the series was recently premiered. The series in quite popular in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Germany.

Today in this article, we will follow all the details about G68 Star Wars and further about the role of G68 in season 3. Read the article below.

Details about G68 in Season 3:

Details about G68 in Season 3

G68 has been a popular character of the Disney plus series The Mandalorian. G68 trends on social platforms after the release of season 3 of the series. People have been willing to know the role of G68 in season 3.

Elia Kane is the real G68 character in this series. As per the series, she was engaged in serving to Galactic Empire ruled by Moff Gideon. She helped to locate the Razor spaceship in Tython planet that was destroyed later. The 3rd season the series sheds light on Mandalorian G68 Star Wars and Dr Penn Pershing, the ex-imperial scientist and his attempt to rearrange the New republic at Coruscant. At the same time, while the series moves on we could find Pershing with Elia Kane (G68) in many episodes. However, the twist came, when Elia Kane betrayed Pershing by getting him arrest to the local officers. While the question still lies why did she betray Pershing?

The episode relating to G68 betrayal has been widely discussed on social platforms. The twist in the series was has grabbed everyone’s attention. Ever since then, Elia Kane, G68 Star Wars has been trending on social platforms.

What does G68 Betrayal indicate?

Elia Kane aka G68 has been in lime light after she betrayed Pershing in the episode of The Mandalorian Season 3. She did grab everyone’s attention in the series. People are willing to know why did she betray Dr Pershing?

The Betrayal of G678 has been the talk of the town. The surprising twist in the series has been widely discussed on online platforms. Elia Kane, the Moff Gadeon’s former crew member was spotted betraying Dr Pershing which indicates her loyalty towards Moff Gadeon and stops the cloning programme. The season 3 of the series focuses mainly on G68 Star Wars and Dr Pershing intention to rearrange the New Republic at Coruscant with surprising twist relating to the betrayal of G68, thereby putting an end to Dr Pershing intention of cloning. 

The season 3 of the series has been quite interesting with many surprising twists. The start of The Mandalorian Season 3 shooting was on October 2021 and was expected to get completed on March 2023. The series was premiered on March 1 2023. The news relating to the season 3 of the series gets viral all over the social platforms focusing on G68 Star Wars.     

Summing up:

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G68 Star Wars: FAQ-

Q1. When was The Mandalorian Season 3 premiered?

Answer: 1st March 2023 

Q2. Who is G68?

Answer: Moff Gadeon’s former crew member 

Q3. What is the real name of G68?

Answer: Elia Kane

Q4. Who is Dr Pershing?

Answer: The ex-imperial scientist 

Q5. What was Dr Pershing intention?

Answer: Cloning

Q6. Did G68 betray Dr Pershing?

Answer: Yes

Q7. What does the betrayal of G68 indicate?

Answer: Her loyalty for Moff Gadeon  

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