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The article explains the editing and formatting rules to be followed by the guest post writers to present their Write For Us Saas articles to Ontrends website.

Are you a person who has acquired immense knowledge of SaaS computing services? Can you explain the technologies behind SaaS in simpler terms to our readers?

If your answer is positive, then you are the most qualified candidate to take over this guest blogging opportunity. Since it is a technical article, we have designed some guidelines that should be followed while writing the Write For Us Saas article. Henceforth, we deeply request everyone to read and implement this in their respective articles.

Introduction to our website “ontrends.news”

Our website, “ontrends,” is one of the most well-known content-creation forums, primarily focusing on these two strategies. And they are; our utmost focus is on creating highly qualified and authentic articles.

And our second focus revolves around the privacy of our readers. In this digital world, protecting one’s online privacy is essential. And the ontrends website has been doing it for our readers.

Thus, OnTrends is the one-stop platform for getting more information without comprising one’s privacy.

Our Range of Topics includes

  • Gaming Tips
  • Shopping Tips
  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel
  • Money

Required Educational Qualifications and Experience

While writing Write For Us + Saas articles, writers should pay attention to the technicality of the article. It means they should explain things in a more basic and clear manner than by stuffing them with technical jargon.

SaaS is a cloud computing service that delivers all applications over the internet, eliminating the need for separate, expensive, and bulky hardware or software systems. Isn’t it easy to convey and understand?

We want our guest post contributors to explain things more simply.

Educational qualification: Presently, many SaaS certification programs are available, so the person who completes all those courses can share their valuable knowledge with us.

If not, those who have studied computer science, information technology, software engineering, and other related graduate courses may also apply for this Saas Write For Us guest blogging opportunity.

Experience: It is essential to have field knowledge of SaaS topics.

Writing Skills: The foremost important thing is that the writers should be able to present the article more understandably.

Sample Topics

  • What is the future scope of SaaS in various applications?
  • What do SaaS security and SaaS layers mean?
  • The latest trends in SaaS
  • The basic terminology related to SaaS that needs to be understood by everyone
  • What do “market SaaS stocks” mean?
  • Practical applications of SaaS

Editing and formatting rules to be followed for Write For Us Saas articles

  • The length of the SaaS article should range from 600 to 1500 words.
  • Writers should explain all the terminologies in simple, error-free English instead of stating them in jargon sentences.
  • Writers should incorporate many diagrams, flow charts, and images.
  • The article should be free of any plagiarism. But sometimes, it may happen unknowingly, so we deeply request that all writers to double-check their uniqueness level. A writer must make unfailing use of online plagiarism-checking tools.
  • The readability score of the article should not be lower than 80%.
  • Write For Us Saas writers should add necessary subheadings instead of stating everything in one paragraph.
  • The introduction section has to be more informative; it can attract a larger number of readers. Thus, writers should pay more attention to it.
  • The article must include a comment line and two lines of description.

SEO guidelines

  • After choosing the SaaS topics, the writer should follow these steps without fail:
  • Writers should find the relevant target keywords. Keywords can range from highly competitive ones to lowly competitive ones.
  • Long-tail (low-competitive) keywords may appear as sentences at times; this is not a problem, and Write For Us Saas writers can also use those sentences.
  • They should incorporate all those keywords into their article.
  • Internal and externally valid hyperlinks should be added without fail.

Why choose the Ontrends website?

  • Our “on trend” website is DMCA protected, which is a kind of extra credit for any online writing platform because DMCA credit helps protect all articles from any online theft.
  • With us, all the writer’s work will be double protected.
  • Our website has many monthly visitors, so we have already created a large readership base for our writers.

Submission Rules

Our OnTrends editorial team is fully responsible for accepting and processing the articles to the next level; hence, everyone should send their documents to this email address [careofontrends@gmail.com].


We want to share an important keynote in this concluding part. After selection, our Write For Us Saas editorial team will hold the publishing and editing rights so that they can edit or format the article according to the standard procedures of our website. We request that the writers agree to this important point. Trust us; these rules will make your Software as a service article shines among the crowd!

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