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The aim of this write-up is to provide all the information on Raizah Ken Fernandez Viral Video. We explained how people identified her and reacted to it.

Do you recognize Raizah Ken Fernandez? Recently a video went viral on the social media platform where Raizah was in the video. People from the Philippines and around the globe are curious to learn more about the viral video of Raizah Ken Fernandez.

If you are here looking for the answer to your question there, you have reached the right place. In this article, we will inform the readers about Raizah Ken Fernandez Viral Video.


Which was the video of Raizah Ken Fernandez which went viral?

A video titled 4 Pinay girls is the one that went viral a few weeks ago, and people have discovered that Raizah Ken Fernandez was one of the girls.

In the video, Raizah and 3 other girls were filming themselves, laughing and exposing their bodies. At first, people did not recognize the girls, but later, some people got their eyes on Raizah and recognized her from her TikTok.

How did the video get Leaked On Reddit?

The video of Raizah Ken Fernandez, 4 Pinay girls, was posted by an anonymous user and went viral on most social media platforms. 

When people came across the explicit video, they started sharing it on more prominent platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Still, some videos were taken down because of their graphic content. But it was not the end; people then created severe illegal links that helped people go to the video.

What happens when people find out about Raizah Ken Fernandez on Youtube?

When people learned about her graphic viral video, her comment section went crazy on her TikTok videos. Although the 4 Pinay girls video is not available on her profile, it did not stop people from coming to her and commenting about it.

After people found out about Raizah Ken Fernandez, they went to their profile, and now she has over 2 lacs on her content, and regularly, her view count is 35 thousand.

How do people find out about Raizah Ken Fernandez on Twitter?

Some people who are active on TikTok and on Twitter recognize Raizah from her TikTok videos as a TikTok star and a popular model. She has a massive fanbase on TikTok, and people love to watch her TikTok videos. She is widely loved for her expressions, short videos, and looks.

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The final words

One of the girls from the viral 4-pinay girl video is Raizah Ken Fernandez, and most people recognize her from her TikTok videos

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Raizah Ken Fernandez Instagram Video (FAQs)

1-Did Raizah Post her explicit 4-Pinay girl video on Instagram?

A- No, she did not post that video on her social media account.

2-Did Raizah confess about her explicit viral video?

A- No, she has not talked about it.

3- When did the 4 Pinay girl video start to get viral?

A- It started to get viral in early January 2022.

4- Has the circulation on the 4-pinay video stopped?

A- The sharing rate has slowed but didn’t stop.

5-What happened to the video which was posted on Twitter?

A- Most of the video was taken down because of Twitter’s guideline policies.

6- What are the names of the other girls in the video?

A- Except for Raizah, no other girls have yet to be identified.

7- What kind of content does Raizah post on her TikTok?

A- She posts short and lip-syncs content.

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