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Why are people looking for Kira Jump videos on social media? What is happening to Kira in the viral video? A video of a teenage girl getting beaten up in a room video got viral on social media. People in the United States were looking for the name and information about the girl.

The same full part of the video is that the people beating the teenage girl are her friends of similar age. The video was uploaded on social media to defame the girl. Stay connected on Twitter if you want to know more about Kirra Hart Video Twitter.

Inside the Video

A teenage girl went to sleep with her friends on 11 March 2023. The name of the girl is Kira Hart. She is a long jump athlete. That’s why everyone is looking for her with the name Kira jump. After spending a few with her friends, they tortured her and punished her for an unknown reason.

The video shows that two girls named Rhynisha Grech and Chole Denman, aged 15, punished Kira to the next level. Another girl inside the room recorded and uploaded the video on Tiktok and other social media. The girls punch Kira multiple times and kick her. 

Authority Action 

When authorities found the video on social media, they immediately deleted the server so it wouldn’t spread hate in society. Additionally, police arrested both the girls who were hitting Kira in the video.

However, those girls were minors and didn’t last long in jail. The girls’ parents took them out on bail.

When netizens saw the updates on YouTube, they felt disappointed and unjustified for Kira Hart. Additionally, they seek an extra step by the authority to stop the torture and ragging in the school colleges.

About Kira Hart

Kira Hart is a 14-year-old Australian girl. She is a Student at Queensland High School. 

People are looking for more personal information about Kira and her family. 

We cannot discover the social account of Kira. However, people are looking for Kira’s Instagram account to watch her more pictures.

More about incident 

Despite the viral video, people also look for the before and after images of Kira and her friends. Some pictures of Kira circulate on social media with bruises and cuts on her body. She was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state and is now stable. But people are still demanding justice for the innocent.

Viral On Reddit 

The video also went viral on Reddit feeds. Due to privacy policy and violence, it was permanently terminated from the Reddit handles.

Social media link


Final Verdict 

A 14-year girl got beaten up by her friends. Kira went to a sleepover with her friends, which was disastrous for her. Police arrested the girls and later discharged them due to being minors and with the help of their parent’s bail.

Do you find it relevant to torture any innocent for your satisfaction? Comment below. 

Kira Jump Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1. How many people were present in the room?

As per the video, a total of girls were available in the room. Two are beating Kira, and one is recording.

Q2. What is the age of the girl hitting Kira?

Approximately 14 to 15 years old.

Q3. What is the purpose of beating Kira Hart?

The reason is unknown.

Q4. What weapons are used to beat the Kira?

Girls were beating Kira with hand chairs and household equipment.

Q5. Can we check out the full video on Telegram?

Yes, video clips are available on telegram.

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