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This post on Jeff Molina Video Twitter will discuss all the crucial details related to the controversial video of the famous MMA fighter.

Do you know Jeff Molina? Have you heard about his controversial video? A video of a famous UFC fighter, Jeff Molina, has left the entire internet shocked. People from the United States, Brazil, and Canada are searching for more information about the viral video leak. This post will discuss all the crucial details related to the Jeff Molina Video Twitter, so advise readers to read this post till the end.

What happened in the Jeff Molina video?

Jeff Molina is recently the main discussion on social media platforms. Many people are talking about his viral video, which has shocked the internet and others. Besides this, this video is also why Jeff Molina’s UFC career is in danger. So, what is this controversial video? The video is viral because it contains some highly explicit scenes. The video shows Jeff Molina being involved in intimate activities with a man. 

This left many people questioning Is Jeff Molina Gay? After the video leak, many people started questioning Molina. Molina explained further that he is LGBTQ, which shocked the internet even more. Many people shared hate comments on social media and shared memes about Jeff Molina, but others also supported and sympathized with Jeff Molina. 

What is the status of Jeff Molina’s career after the video leak?

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has suspended Jeff Molina for his alleged scheme with coach James Krouse. Jeff openly admitted that he is LGBTQ and became the first LGBTQ+ fighter in the history of UFC. In one fight, Jeff Molina wore pride shorts on pride month. After that, Jeff Molina Pride Shorts was trending on social media platforms. Jeff Molina is a professional MMA fighter who has won several fights.

 However, his entire career is at stake due to his video leak. Many people are saying that Jeff Molina was involved with James Krouse. James Krouse is a coach in the UFC and has trained many fighters for several years. The UFC has said that Jeff Molina will not get into any fights until the government completes its investigation into his relationship with James Krouse. Besides this, Jeff Molina explained everything about the controversy for Jeff Molina Video Twitter on his social media account and said he is proud to belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

Disclaimer: We do not aim to provide any explicit footage through our posts. This article is just for informative purposes.

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People are continuously talking about controversial videos on social media platforms.



To conclude this post, Jeff Molina is currently suspended from the UFC because of the video’s controversy. However, the video is currently deleted from social media platforms. Please visit this link to learn more about Jeff Molina.

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Jeff Molina Video Twitter – FAQs

  1. Who is Jeff Molina?

Answer: Jeff Molina is a professional MMA fighter in UFC.

  1. What is in the viral video of Jeff Molina?

Answer: The viral video of Jeff Molina shows him being involved in some explicit activities with a man.

  1. Who is the man in the video?

Answer: The man in the video is James Krouse.

  1. Who is James Krouse?

Answer: James Krouse is a professional coach in the UFC.

  1. Is Jeff Molina still a part of UFC?

Answer: Jeff Molina is recently suspended from the UFC for the controversial Jeff Molina Video Twitter leak and his involvement with coach James Krouse.

  1. How old is Jeff Molina?

Answer: Jeff Molina is around 25 years old.

  1. Is Jeff Molina from the LGBTQ+ community?

Answer: Yes, Jeff Molina has recently updated that he is LGBTQ and is also the first person from the LGBTQ+ community in the UFC.

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