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Unveil your essence through Humain a Vendre .com! Assessing physical, and personal aspects, it’s illuminating.

A whopping 1,687,323 individuals have already participated in the assessment. You must respond to various physical, psychological, behavioural, and personal inquiries to unveil your appraisal. If you encounter a query you cannot answer, simply leave it unanswered. People across France, Belgium, and Canada are taking the fun-filled online test on Humain a Vendre .com. Let’s check more facts about

About Humain a Vendre .com: is not a platform promoting servitude! Have you ever pondered your intrinsic value? Now’s your chance to discover it; at, your worth will be assessed based on your physical attributes, faculties, living conditions, conduct, and even your convictions!

This evaluation on is not grounded in science, and your outcome is entirely contingent on the responses you provide on the platform, so strive to be as “forthright” as possible. aims to amuse.

The site requires the users to specify details in the Humain a Vendre Test about their Genre, Birth, Waist, Weight, Sizing, Laterality, Corpulence, Pilosity, Hair, Eyes, Eyeglasses, Tattoos, Sportiness, Charm, QI, BAC, Culture G, Bilingual, Habitat, Housing, Profession, Salary, Marriage, Divorce, Locker, Habits, Drinker, Smoker, Substance abuse, Feeding, Television, Website, Humor, Taste, Artistic, Personality, Charitable, Etc.

Once the data is entered and submitted, points are allotted in the form of Euros. Thus, the total value of the specific individual is displayed. The dashboard also shows how many points each criterion had earned. The participant can create a user ID to record his score on, which translates to Non-Living Beings For Sale!

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The Features of Humain a Vendre Test: was registered in France on 7th/August/2006. It was last updated on 19th/October/2023, suggesting business continuity. HumainaVendre’s registration will expire within 4-months and 5-days on 7th/August/2024. gained an excellent 100% trust score, but its Tranco traffic rank is low due to an average of 4.3k visitors/month, gaining a traffic value of $2.4.

Customer reviews: does not support customer feedback that may be revile if other users find their scores relevant. One website and one YouTube review of were positive. However, no individual user reviews were present on customer review websites, social media, or elsewhere on the internet.

Social media links: Humain a Vendre .com is not present on social media.

Pros and Cons affecting the participants:

Though participants may tailor their experience by answering only what they are comfortable with, the results may vary based on individual perceptions and honesty. Assessments are not backed by empirical evidence. Complex human attributes are reduced to numerical values. Further, adverse outcomes could affect self-esteem and confidence. Hence, as tagged by, the platform may be used for fun.

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