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This post on Andover Ma Murder Suicide will inform the readers about the Andover suicide murder case.

Andover Mama Murder Self destruction

Have you found out about Andover Mama Murder? Do you know the entire case? In the event that not, then here we will talk about the Andover Mama Murder case. Individuals from the US are stunned in the wake of catching wind of this self destruction murder case. The individuals who haven’t caught wind of it yet would get the entire subtleties of this article. This self destruction murder case has spread all around the country. So we should gain proficiency with the insights concerning it. We should begin the article on Andover Mama Murder Self destruction.

Andover murder-self destruction case

Andover Mama is a town in Massachusetts where a terrible occurrence has happened. According to sources, an individual who killed her better half and child shot himself subsequent to killing them. The dad previously killed his significant other by firing her with a weapon then he killed his child with the firearm. In the wake of killing his significant other and child, the individual shot himself and passed on. The occurrence occurred on Thursday morning according to the specialists. According to the authorities, the occurrence appears to be a horrendous instance of homicide self destruction, and aggressive behavior at home. Furthermore, they said that a 911 call has been produced using the house at around 3:21 am.

Disclaimer: This post is made to illuminate the general population about the homicide self destruction case. We don’t uphold aggressive behavior at home, murder, or self destruction. We have arranged the post just to illuminate the perusers about the self destruction murder case. Our site doesn’t uphold this sort of satisfied so we have not posted any delicate pictures connected with the case.

Murder Self destruction Andover

The Andover murder-self destruction case has been in the titles since yesterday as the case appears to be awful. It is guaranteed that the dad murdered his child and spouse by firing them with a weapon and afterward fired himself with the firearm. According to the authorities, a 911 call was produced using inside the house however they are not revealing who settled on the decision.

Albeit the authorities have affirmed that there was no other person in the house aside from the dad, mother, and child. The police arrived at the scene following five minutes of a call.

 Andover Mama Murder Self destruction relative?

The family incorporates three individuals a dad, a mother, and a 12-year-old child. The dad initially murdered his child and his better half and afterward shot himself. The family incorporates Andrew Robinson who was 56 years of age, his better half Linda Robinson who was 55 years of age, and their child Sebastian Robinson who was 12 years of age.

The mother and child were killed while the dad ended it all subsequent to killing them. Police couldn’t go into the house subsequent to coming to and needed to break the entryway. The police are researching the situation and the explanation for the Andover Mama Murder Self destruction case.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Andover murder-self destruction case?

Ans. The Andover murder-self destruction case is a self destruction and murder case in which a man murdered his child, and spouse and afterward committed suicide with a weapon.

  1. How old was the child?

Ans. The child Sebastian Robinson was twelve years of age.

  1. Who killed the mother and the child?

Ans. Andrew Robinson, the dad murdered his child and spouse. Andrew initially killed his significant other subsequent to shooting her and afterward murdered his child. Subsequent to killing his significant other and child, he shot himself and passed on.

  1. Who settled on the telephone decision to 911 for Andover Mama Murder Self destruction?

Ans. It isn’t uncovered who settled on the decision to 911.

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