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The article helps Write for Us Health Paid Guest Post writers to know about the required guidelines to follow while submitting their articles to ontrends site.

Are you a health professional with a passion for creative and informative writing? Do you want to share your valuable experiences through writing? Then our platform introduced the Write for Us Health Paid Guest Post blogging program, through which writers can gain significant exposure quickly, and their work can reach a larger audience. For further fortification, we have designed a set of guidelines, and we request the writers to read all the guidelines and implement them in their works.

About our website “ontrends.news”

Our website, ” ontrends.news” emerges as one of the best online creation platforms. And our Health Paid + Write for Us readers are responsible for this great achievement because they believe in us and our work. Our readers’ support has inspired us to create highly genuine and authentic content. Our working principles for creating each article are more customer-focused one.

Our high-quality articles fall into these categories.

  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Money
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Gaming Tips
  • Shopping Tips
  • Latest News

Write for Us Health Paid Writers Essential Experience and Skill Sets

Health is a broad umbrella topic with hundreds of subtopics, so the writers must be very careful while addressing the topics because the chosen one must be a recent one, and it should be useful for our readers. As a result, we anticipate a candidate who can confidently and flawlessly presents the application- and solution-oriented “Write for Us” + Health Paid topics.

We haven’t mentioned a specific education requirement because a doctor, health scientist, pharmacist expert, or dietician can address these health topics. Thus, a person with a good field experience can attempt it.

Moreover, if any person who has been working in the field of medical insurance companies can also share their knowledge with us,

Regarding skill sets, the person should have basic English writing skills without making any errors.

Write for Us + Health Paid articles Reference topics

If writers need help selecting a solution-oriented article, they can refer to the list below.

  • What are the lessons we can learn from the global pandemic situation? How does one prepare for any future medical emergency?
  • Relationship between personal hygiene and the health of the body
  • “Write for Us” + “Health Paid” writers can also pick a topic that explicitly shares the ill effects of alcohol, smoking, and natural additives on one’s health. Because of this digital world, most people have started normalizing all these habits.
  • Insights about governmental and private medical health insurance policies and the methods to claim them easily.
  • Methods to improve one’s psychological and physical health.

Health Paid Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • We request the writers to avoid sharing the names of the medicines, but if it is a mandatory one for that chosen topic, kindly limit it and add the disclaimer at the end of the article.
  • The writer should not commercialize the article by promoting any specific hospital or healthcare institution. Our readers can decide independently; hence, the writers should focus on the topic alone.
  • Write for Us+ Health Paid article’s word count ranges from 750 to 2000.
  • Writers can quote data from International Organizations like the WHO or authentic research works, but they should refrain from directly copying from those sources. It will then be added to the plagiarism score, so writers must be more cautious, and we will only accept 100% original articles with grammatically correct sentences.

“Write for Us” + Health Paid articles SEO guidelines

  • Writers should also focus on the SEO score of the article, which can be increased by using the right target keywords. And keywords should be a combination of three to four words not more than that.
  • The writers should add valid inbound and outbound hyperlinks after finishing 70 to 80 percent of the article.

Health Paid + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

Our team will arduously work to popularise the works of the guest post writers, and we are expanding our platform for that cause. Shortly, our website will have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Thus, we will be sharing our articles on our social media platforms, bringing us more new, genuine readers from all corners of the world. It will result in good web impressions for the guest posts.

How to submit Health Paid “Write for Us” articles?

Our editorial team is responsible for all selection and editing processes, so we request that all writers send their works to this editorial team’s Email Address [careofontrends@gmail.com].


Health is a more important topic, and it will surely have the capability to impact people’s lives. Helping people and making them attain enlightenment is close to divine service. As a result, we invite the Write for Us Health Paid Guest Post writers to participate in this divine service by submitting their valuable Health themed articles.

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