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Have you seen the recent video circulated on social media showing a bomb detonation? People from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Germany are eager to know about the incident at a cafe in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Sunday afternoon.

The details of Vladlen Tatarsky Reddit are attached in this article, as the bomb detonation took his life. Read further to know how.


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Updates on Reddit about Vladlen Tatarsky

Vladlen Tatarsky was a pro-Kremlin propagandist who died in the bomb detonation. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon at around 6:13 p.m., where Vladlen was killed, and 16 people were injured in the blast.

Vladlen Tatarsky was a very famous blogger and was known among his fans. The details of the explosion are now unclear, and no one has taken responsibility for the explosion.

Vladlen Tatarsky Telegram Report

Vladlen Tatarsky had his own Telegram channel with approximately 550,000 subscribers to his channel where he kept the audience updated about the ongoing war tension between Russia and Ukraine. 

He frequently posted the news on his channel, and people followed him as he accurately reported what was happening in the country. Apart from blogging, he was also a part of the invasion himself. In one of the videos released by him, he said that they would defeat and kill everyone just the way they wanted it.

Vladlen Tatarsky Wiki

Let’s have a quick look at the Wiki.

Full Name Maxim Yuryevich Fomin
Nickname Vladlen Tatarsky
Date of Birth 25 April 1982
Place of birth Soviet Union
Date of death 2 April 2023
Cause of death Bombing
Profession Blogger
Nationality Ukrainian

Vladlen Tatarsky YouTube channel

Vladlen Tatarsky has his own YouTube channel, and subscribers continuously visit his channel for the new updates he provides on the Russia-Ukraine war. Apart from this subject, he provided information about various other topics that attracted his fans to his channel.

The explosion video circulated across social media and people were devastated after they learned that their favourite blogger had lost his life.

What are the further updates on the incident?

More updates on the incident are still awaited, and till now, we have got no exact information on how the bombing took place.

We will provide all the associated details related to Vladlen Tatarsky Reddit as soon as we get our hands on the information in this article. We request the readers stay tuned to this article for further details. 

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Vladlen Tatarsky was a prominent person among military bloggers. His popularity increased after the invasion that happened in February 2022. We can find his details online on various channels.

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Vladlen Tatarsky Reddit-FAQs

Q1. Who was Vladlen Tatarsky?

A pro-Kremlin blogger, known widely among his fans.

Q2. When did the incident take place?

The incident took place on April 2, 2023.

Q3. Who are Vladlen’s parents?

The details of his parents are unknown.

Q4. How many followers did he have on telegram?

 There are more than 560,000 followers on his channel.

Q5. What propaganda did he share on his channel recently?

He shared the Jihadist propaganda.

Q6. Why was he imprisoned?

Tatarsky was imprisoned for bank robbery.

Q7. For what was he known amongst people?

He was known for his uncompromising views on the war.

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