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The write-up below has provided information on Theodore Barrett Wife Death Real, and covers everything about the controversy and related information.

Did Theodore attend that Interview? Footage of the conference interview is going viral on all the platforms. People from the United States and worldwide are coming across the video and are shocked by its content. They want to know if what they are watching is true and what is the story behind it.

Here in this article, we have brought all the information on Theodore Barrett Wife Death Real, and all the relevant information.

Is the Theodore Barrett video real?

Many people who saw the video thought it was real, but it was all staged. The video of Theodore Barrett, which is circulating all over the internet, is not real.

In March 2008, this video was posted by a website called ‘The Onion,” which gained immense attention. However, In February 2017, Scott Dikkers spoke about the false news at Marquette University. He told the crowd how it bothers him when fake news websites and organizations publish lies and call themselves Satire.

What was Theodore Barrett Wife Car Accident news?

It was shot at a place similar to the White House, which made many people believe that it was real news and was shot at the White House. That conference convinced people that Theodore was available for the Interview just after the death of his wife. And he is not sad about it and says that he must serve the people despite the accident of his wife and child.

He seemed heartless about the accident, and he was more focused on his duty, and others should do the same.

Theodore Barrett Wife Died Information

According to the conference footage information, Theodore’s Barrett wife died in a car accident with the presence of their 2 children. Still, one of the children also died because of the brutal car accident.

But many sources prove that no one by the name of Theodore Barrett has worked as a Deputy White House Press Secretary. It was a fictitious creation of a fake website without a link to the real world.

Information on Theodore Barrett Wife Car Accident Obituary and Funeral

As we mentioned earlier, Theodore and his wife are not real people, but it was all staged and fictional news created by the website “The Onion.” So, there was not any obituary or Funeral conducted for her. 

The Onion Wiki

Readers 4.3 trillion
Type Local, National, and International News
Beginning 1756
Website Strength 350,000 Journalists
Availability Online
Office Chicago
Phone 312-751-0503

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The final Verdict

Theodore Barrett’s video of the conference was a publicity stunt and fake news. No real person named after him has worked in the White House. 

Is it easy to make people believe in anything? Let us know how you like the article in the comment section below.

Theodore Barrett Wife Car Accident (FAQs)

1-When the video of the conference was released to the public?

A- It was released on March 20, 2008.

2- Was the person who played the role of Theodore arrested by the police?

A- No.

3-What was the name of the Theodore Barrett Wife Died mentioned in the conference?

A- Janie Barrett

4- Were people who made and spread this wrong information got arrested?

A- No

5- Does ‘The Onion’ confess the wrong news?

A- No, they did not.

6- On what platforms was this news shared?

A- This fake news was shared on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram.

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