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The article discusses the incident of Shammi Austin Broken Back and its story. Read the article and know more.  

Do you know the recent incident with Shammi? Recently, the News has come that Shammi has broken into his backyard for a few personal reasons. It is reported Shammi liked the back area very much. But now he wants to disassemble the back.

After this News, many people in the United States and the United Kingdom wanted to know why. The people don’t find the reason behind it. Let’s check the matter and discuss Shammi Austin Broken Back

Do You Know the Reason of Broken Back? 

Everything started with the half pipeline. Ashley Wild was charged with the project working to install the halfpipe in the Shammi’s backyard. After the first set of work, the team Ashley met Shammi for the workshop discussion. But instead of discussing the matter, Shammi played a trick with Ashley. 

Shammi asked Ashley what will be the word process. In the reply, Austin told Shammi it would be 360 flips. Shammi did a prank with Ashley about installing a halfpipe in the backyard. 

How Did Austin Break His Back Shammi

Shammi took a tap and started to measure the backyard of the ground. It was not a simple prank. After this, the Ashley team came and started work on the backyard. 

Meanwhile, Shammi told many that he bought the house because of the playground. Shammi also liked the garden. But now, he wants to break the backyard. As per the News, Shammi said he needed to return to the backyard for the halfpipe. And he started to break the back area of his house. Shammi also uploads a video regarding this matter.

Shammi Austin Broken Back – The Real Story 

Many people say that is not the real story. Shammi is a prankster with more than 13 million followers on social media platforms. His full name is Shammi Prasad, and he lives in Queensland, Australia

Shammi liked to do the prank and also upload a video about it. And his followers like his prank and video. Fans are saying it is one of Shammi’s pranks that he will break the backyard. For this reason, many people didn’t take the News seriously. But many people have watched the video of How Did Austin Break His Back Shammi

Why is the News trending? 

Many people are checking the News due to prank reasons. Shammi is a famous prank master, so people checked the recent backyard break prank. On social media, many followers already have visited and commented on their social page of Shammi. 


At last, we can say we hope you can understand the whole matter easily. But many people are also saying it was honest work by Shammi. The halfpipe needed to be installed, so Shammi did the job. 

On the other hand, we can say Shammi Austin Broken Back data is taken from different internet sources. But you can also look at the link. What do you think about the incident? Please comment.

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