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Who is your favorite Tiktoker? We all know that TikTok has been one of the most popular applications through which many influencers build their career and start their journey as an influencer. However, Paul Jekylie Scandal is now trending on almost every social media page. This influencer and Tiktoker from the Philippines is making waves on social media. To know the correct reason, kindly stay tuned with us. 

Is there any Scandal about Paul Jekylie? 

As per online sources, there is no current scandal in which the name of Paul Jekylie is involved. However, this keyword is still trending. The exact reason is unknown as in some regions TikTok has been banned. So, the audience cannot reach the original videos of Paul. Whereas some people can watch his videos that are trending on TikTok. 

Profile Of Paul on Instagram

After in-depth research, we found an official account of Paul Jekylie on IG. On his official account on IG, he has around 63.8K followers on it. Moreover, he has posted only 14 posts. Being an influencer and artist, he does not seem to be very active on Instagram. Moreover, he seems to be less interactive with his fans as his comment section does not include replies to his fans. His account on IG is depicted with his original name that is Jekylie Merino and he also added his email account.

We cannot access his official account on Tiktok because this application has been banned in some regions. So, we can’t share such details. Moreover, countries, where Tiktok is accessible can check out his viral videos.

DISCLAIMER: We did not find any details associated with the scandal of Paul Jekylie. So, we cannot share any false information. His videos are trending on Tiktok, so one can check out his videos on TikTok. Some users may not be able to check their TikTok profile because it has been banned in some countries. If any update related to the scandal will be uploaded, we will surely inform the readers. 

Twitter and Other Social Media Profiles Of Paul Jekylie! 

Paul seems to be present on other social media channels also. He is present on Facebook and Twitter also. He has very less followers on Twitter. There are only 299 followers while he follows one account only. The influencer joined Twitter on December 2020. He remains inactive on Twitter as he posted his last post around two to three years ago. Moreover, on his bio on Twitter, he mentioned his TikTok id and Facebook profile page. You can go and check out his profiles and videos on Youtube also.

If any latest update will be there on Paul Jekylie, we will share it with our readers on this site. So, kindly stay in contact with us.


Wrapping up this post, we have provided the complete details on the profile of Paul Jekylie on multiple social media portals. Our team will put its best efforts to provide authentic details on this topic if any latest updates will be there. 

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Updates on Paul On Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Paul Jekylie? 

Ans. As per online sources, Paul Jekylie is a popular Tiktoker and an Influencer from the Philippines.

Q2. What is the real identity of Paul Jekylie?

Ans. As per some online sources, he revealed his real name as Jekylie Merino.

Q3. How many followers does he have on Instagram?

Ans. He has around 63.8K followers on his Instagram whereas he has posted only 14 posts on it. He seems less interactive on other social sites.

Q4. What is the scandal on Paul Jekylie?

Ans. As per online sources, there is no scandal going on in Telegram related to Paul Jekylie. If any update on anything related to him will be published, we will be the first to update our readers.

Q5. On what platforms Paul Jekylie has social media accounts?

Ans. He has accounts on almost every social media site like Twitter, Facebook, IG, TikTok, etc. 

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