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This post guides the readers on the New Viral Scandal 2023 Full Video and the other content details shared on public platforms and went viral.

Do you know about the new trendy, viral, and scandalous videos of 2023? If not, this post will give you all the information related to the videos you need to know. The year has just begun, and there are already a bunch of scandals of viral content on the internet of celebrities and other people. People Worldwide are sharing such content.

Let us discuss the issue of the New Viral Scandal 2023 Full Video in this post and get to know the new and recent viral content on social media. Follow the blog to learn more.

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What is the new viral scandal video of 2023?

From the start of this year till now, people have shared and viewed some scandalous content almost every day, which includes famous and non-famous people. The videos consist of adult activities or indecent exposure in public, which is the most talked about incidents. 

The most recent one was of the four Pinay girls seemingly indulging in explicit acts that have gone viral on the internet and Leaked on Reddit and other platforms. The teens’ identity is not yet revealed, but it has become an internet sensation quickly. 

Are scandalous viral videos still accessible to ordinary people? 

Most platforms have taken down the mature category’s content because of the availability of sensitive videos, which are not allowed to be exposed to the public. But still, some snapshots and the original links keep getting reposted. 

It is advised to people to avoid such content because it is illegal to spread indecent videos on TIKTOK and other similar pages. 

Is This Video Available on other Social Media Networks? 

However, authorities have issued an official notification that it should be taken down from all social networks. But this video is still present on Instagram and other networks. But, surely soon, it will be removed from there and from all the media networks. 

Are there any other similar scandals?


Are there any other similar scandals

Although the Pinay girls’ scandal has been the talk of the town for a while now, other scandals also have grabbed everyone’s attention. Such as footage of a journalist named Harun going viral with Olivia, which people recognized immediately and were all over the internet during last month. 

Some other issues also took place, like a Pinay girl and a boy in a cemetery, etc. People were sharing it on Telegram widely. 

Social media links:

Get The Final summary 

Therefore, the circulation of such pictures and videos has become very frequent. But it is requested that the public avoid such content to keep it from the younger generation’s eyes and not become uncomfortable because of the explicit acts performed. 

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New Viral Scandal 2023 Full Video: FAQs

Q1. What are the Pinay girl’s scandalous videos all about? 

The video is about four Pinay girls flirting with the camera and publicly committing indecent exposure to their bodies. 

Q2. What were the identities of the girls? 

It has no information available online about the identities of the girls. 

Q3. Is the circulation of such footage legalized? 

No, it is legally not permitted to share such mature content. 

Q4. Are the original links still available? 

No, it has been taken down officially to keep it away from the public eye. 

Q5. On which social media platforms the videos are circulating? 

The videos are available on YOUTUBE, and other social media sites. 

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