Limpopo Police Woman Video post has shared the available links of the viral clip and summarized the female cop scandal.

Are you searching for a viral clip of a female police officer charged with assaulting a minor? Do you want to know the relationship between a woman cop and the young boy? The intimate video of a Limpopo female cop and a minor has gone viral on various social media platforms. 

This incident has shocked netizens in South Africa, and people have shared their extreme views on the internet. The local police initiated action against the female cop and took custody of the minor. Limpopo Police Woman Video write-up has links and another update on this viral clip.

Disclaimer: The post content is based on internet investigation and is shared in digital space for informative purposes.

What is the Limpopo Cop Video Scandal?

An intimate video of a woman cop and a minor boy has gone viral on various social sites. The woman is seen lying on a bed, asking the minor to act inappropriately. The minor in the video appears to be 10 -12 years old, while the woman is identified as a police constable from Limpopo police station.

Is Limpopo Female cop video Leaked On Reddit?

The female cop video links are available on Reddit social sites, but most videos appear fake. In the last twenty-four hours, around twenty Reddit accounts have posted the link to the female cop video with zero comments.

Most links divert the audience to scam sites, and netizens must remain alert while clicking on their links. 


Is Limpopo Female cop video Leaked On Reddit

Limpopo Cop Scandal on Twitter:

Aldrin Sampear shared a tweet on this incident which was viewed 876.2K times and was retweeted more than one thousand times. Malume Mwitzz replied that the woman cop was misled by a Nigerian guy on normalizing her relationship with her male counterpart.

Many netizens believe that the woman cop didn’t do it purposely and things are not adding up in the whole incident. We didn’t find any content related to the Limpopo scandal on the Instagram social media site.

How Police reacted to the Limpopo Video Scandal?

The female police officer has been charged with assaulting a minor, circulating minor clips, and grooming a child for an inappropriate act. According to a provincial police spokesperson, the woman officer has been produced in the Marble Hall Magistrate court.

Police have warned people against circulating the Limpopo video on sites like Tiktok as it may lead to legal offense.

Limpopo Video Scandal Updates:

  • Minor has been shifted to a place of safety and will get counseling and other assistance.
  • The woman police officer has applied for bail in the next hearing.
  • The Independent Police Investigation department has launched an investigation into the case.
  • The police department is also carrying out an internal investigation into the scandal.

Is the female cop viral video available on the Telegram platform?

The female cop video may be shared privately on this platform, but we didn’t find anything related to this clip in public. Some groups on this platform were seen inviting people to watch this video privately.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The lady police officer is on remand till 30th January and has applied for bail; IPID will fight for rejection of her bail application

Is the female cop act deplorable? Please comment.

Limpopo Police Woman Video: FAQs

Q.1   Is the female cop related to the minor in the video?

Some media reports show that the female cop is related to the minor child.

Q.2   What is the age of the female police officer in the Limpopo incident?

The Limpopo female police officer is 40 years old.

Q.3   When was the Limpopo female cop scandal reported?

The Limpopo scandal was reported on 20th January 2023.

Q.4   Is Limpopo female cop video available on Youtube?

Yes, some videos related to this incident are available on this platform.

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