This article will provide you with the reality of the Jiji Plays Scandal Video. Get all the legendary information about the scandal.

Have you seen the Jiji Plays video? Do you want to get legit information about the scandal? Who is Jiji Plays? Social Media is again trending with a scandalous video of a Philippines girl.

Watching the viral video, people are getting the misconception of another famous YouTube streamer Jiji Plays. Additionally, many websites provide false reports about the scandal video. Read more to get all the legit details about Jiji Plays Scandal Video.

Reality of Scandal

A video of a teenage boy doing activity in the room is trending on multiple social platforms. People are circulating the viral MMS through an account with the #Jiji plays. Details about the teenager in the viral video are unavailable. However, she looks like an Asian girl.

The terrible reality is that people are trolling a YouTuber named Jiji Plays. On the other hand, Jiji is a successful streamer with 2.58 Lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. People are trolling Jiji Plays for the viral scandal video on social media.

Despite knowing the reality of the video and the source, people are posting hate comments and making fun of Jiji’s plays on her social handles. Additionally, people are attaching false links and blur videos of Asian girls resembling Jiji Plays.

Viral on Reddit

The scandal of the pinay girl is viral on Reddit as well. On Reddit, people are continuously trolling Jiji plays with 18+ memes. Although many people got that the girl in the scandal video is different, trollers aren’t holding back.

The scandal video was initially posted on Tiktok by an unknown source and was later repeatedly posted by multiple accounts on TikTok and Facebook. Currently, the TikTok handle that uploaded the video is unavailable. But you can watch the video on Facebook with the comments.

About Jiji Plays

Due to the false rumor and fake videos available on social media of Jiji plays, people are demanding the Instagram account of Jiji so they can get more videos of her.

Jiji is a streamer and gamer who plays games online and posts vlogs on her YouTube channel.

She is part of a famous clan called Aura.

Reality Check

If you were getting false news about Jiji Plays scandal videos, then the reality is different. People are assuming the girl in the scandal video is played by Jiji. Moreover, people on Twitter are posting fake blur videos of Jiji plays.

Social media link



Final verdict

A viral video of a Filipino girl is trending on social media. The girl in the video looks more like a famous YouTuber, Jiji. So people are trolling her and sharing false rumors about her scandal video. The girl in the scandal video is different and making out with a guy.

Do you also find girls in scandal videos different? Comment below. 

Jiji Plays Scandal Video: FAQs

Q1. Is the scandal video still available on social media?

Yes, the scandal video is available on multiple platforms, including Facebook.

Q2. How many people are present in the scandal video?

Two people are involved in the scandal video of a boy and a girl.

Q3. How many subscribers do Jiji plays have? 

She has 258k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Q4. Is there any scandal video of Jiji Plays on social media?

No, no scandal videos of Jiji plays are available on any social platform. All the videos with the hashtag of Jiji plays are fake.

Q5. Can we reach out to the scandal video on telegram?

Yes, there are a few telegram accounts that share the scandal video.

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