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The article on Jeff Molina Twitter Video has elaborately explained the scandal involving Jeff Molina.

Do you know who Jeff Molina is? Are you a UFC fan? Why is he serving a ban recently? If you want Jeff Molina Twitter Video details, stay tuned to this article. People from Worldwide are shocked to find out the truth about Jeff Molina. But many have stepped forward to support the UFC Flyweight star. 

Controversy Details 

Recently, a video was leaked on Twitter that showed Jeff being involved in an intimate and explicit act with a male counterpart. The leaked video made headlines, and he had to come out of the closet. People were shocked to find out that Jeff is a part LGBTQ community. The controversy got so big that Jeff had to issue a statement. 

Disclaimer: Our website will not attach the URL of the leaked video, as it contains mature and intimate content. 

More Information on Jeff Molina Tape

The footage was uploaded by an unidentified person who probably had an ulterior motive. Jeff had mentioned in his statement that “he hopes the person who did this got what he wanted.” Molina expressed his disappointment and also condemned the act. In his statement, he said that ‘he feels like he has been robbed of the chance to share this news with his fans in a more-good manner. 

He wanted to keep his love-life private. As per sources, he also said that he dated only girls throughout his life to fit in. He wants everyone to remember him for his skill, not as an LGBTQ community UFC Flyweight fighter, after this Jeff Molina Twitter Video scandal.”

Controversy and Suspension

Since November 2022, Jeff has been facing a ban and temporary suspension from UFC because of his alleged involvement in betting and prohibited activities before the 5th November 2022 fight with his coach James. He is banned from fighting until the legal matter is resolved. In 2022 he once donned rainbow-colored shorts with UFC written over them, which created chaos. 

Jeff’s Details

Name Jeffery Molina
Birth Date 17th July 1997
Birth Place Lakewood, New Jersey, U.S.
Profession UFC Fighter (Flyweight)
Stage Name El Jefe
Height 1.68 m
Weight 57 kgs
Education Olathe South High School

 Jeff’s Social Media Links 

After Jeff Molina Twitter Video, he posted his statement on Twitter. He has 16.6 thousand followers and follows 330 people. He is active and Tweets regularly.


Jeff Molina, a UFC fighter, has been surrounded by controversies and scandal after his leaked tape. In the tape, he can be seen as male, involved in an explicit act. After the leaked footage, Jeff stated he was a member of the LGBTQ community. If you want to know more about Jeffery, click here

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Read Updates on Jeff Molina Tape: FAQs

Q1. Who is Jeff Molina?

A1. Jeff is a Flyweight UFC fighter. He has been an active fighter since 2017.

Q2. What happened to him recently?

A2. A recent tape has been leaked where he is explicitly involved with men.

Q3. Why is Jeff serving a temporary ban or suspension from UFC?

A3. Jeff was allegedly involved in suspicious betting and NSFW activities before the 5th November 2022 fight with his coach James.

Q4. How has Jeff tackled the situation?

A4. Jeff has stated in public and accepted that he belongs to the LGBTQ community. 

Q5. Is the Jeff Molina Twitter Video available?

A5. No, the leaked footage has been removed from the social media platform. 

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