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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the legendary Hawaii Photographer Larry Haynes, who passed away in the second week of February 2023.

The amazing water cinematographer Larry Haynes died in the second seven day stretch of February-2023 in the US. Larry was a renowned craftsman who recorded submerged, surfing, and water wave shots in films like – Pursuing Free thinkers, Liquid Ignition parts 2, 3, and 5, T.V. series – Who is J.O.B., and so forth. Might you want to be familiar with the reason for Larry’s passing and his own and proficient life? Then, if it’s not too much trouble, read about Hawaii Picture taker Larry Haynes.

Reason for Death:

It was a normal day for Larry on Thursday, ninth February 2023, when he and a couple of companions surfed at Laniakea ocean side in Hawaii. Larry was on his paddleboard, which had a GoPro camera. Without a doubt, Larry delighted in recording his satisfaction at the ocean side. After they had finished surfing, Larry continued to the parking garage. According to sources, while boarding his vehicle, Larry experienced a cardiovascular failure and fell. A respiratory not entirely set in stone as the reason for Larry’s demise. His GoPro camera had roughly 40 recordings. One of the recordings showed Larry Haynes Surf Picture taker Hawaii shooting himself while surfing at Laniakea ocean side (joins are remembered for following segment).

Identity, ethnicity, and religion:

Larry was brought up in America. Larry had citizenship in the U.S.A., and he was a Christian.


The subtleties of Hawaii Picture taker Larry Haynes eulogy, his last appearance service, date and spot of internment, and festivity of life function are yet anticipated.


The data about Larry’s folks, spouse, youngsters, and family members is inaccessible.

Early life and schooling:

Larry didn’t examine his initial life and schooling. Notwithstanding, it is realized that he began water cinematographer at 35 years old years and worked in the field for over 26 years until his passing. His companions, associates, entertainment world group, a few water competitors were stunned to catch wind of Hawaii Picture taker Larry Haynes demise.

Virtual entertainment joins:


His companions referenced on Instagram that he was trying and treated up riding cinematographer in a serious way, attempting to make imaginative work. He even had developments when he was on the edge of life during water cinematography. Larry delighted in surfing and was loaded with life regardless of how huge the water waves were. Kindly recollect him in your requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On what posts did Larry work?

Larry essentially functioned as a cinematographer however frequently filled in as a camera administrator, submerged cinematographer, extra head of photography, chief, extra cinematographer, extra photography, b camera administrator. He was a free proficient cinematographer getting compensated on a legally binding premise and for shooting projects.

  1. What were Larry’s well known works?

Larry dealt with two short movies, five T.V. series, two T.V. small scale series, and ten movies; under the camera and electrical office for ten movies.

  1. How much was the total assets of Hawaii Photographic artist Larry Haynes?

Larry’s total assets is dubious. His significant kind of revenue was from his established organization – Liquid Vision. Liquid Vision offers types of assistance for water cinematography catching wonderful and imaginative developments of surfing, catching waves, And so on.

  1. When did Larry begin working in the entertainment world?

He began working in the movie business in 1994, coordinating the film Liquid Ignition

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