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This article discusses about the Gloria Serge Video Reddit and further details about what happened in the frightening video. Follow our article to know more.

Do you know about the death of Gloria Serge? Do you know what led to the cause of death of Gloria Serge? If not, this blog will give you information you need to know. The video of the tragic death of Gloria Serge is widely surfacing on social platforms. The video has been notice by people in the United States.

Today’s article will focus on the details Gloria Serge Video Reddit and more details to know what led to the cause of her death. Read the blog below.

The death of 85 years old Gloria Serge:

The video of a tracing incident has been widely surfacing all over the online platforms. The video reveals the death of the 85 years old lady. People were surprised to notice what happened in the video.

On 20th February 2023, an incident happened near the Spanish lakes Fairways in Fort Pierce, Florida that did grab everyone’s attention. An old woman naming Gloria Serge was dragged into the lake by the alligator while she was walking with her dog near the lakeside. As per the Gloria Serge Alligator Video, Gloria Serge, the 85 years old woman from Florida was walking by the lakeside with her pet dog, unaware of the presence of the crocodile. The alligator suddenly attacked Gloria’s pet dog. Gloria while trying save her pet dog was attacked by the alligator and was dragged into the lake. She eventually was found dead after that alligator attacked her.

The video of the frightening incident has been widely getting viral on social platforms. The rescue team has arrived after being informed by the onlookers after they noticed the incident.

Gloria Serge Video Reddit:

Gloria Serge, the old woman from Fort Pierce, Florida was found dead after she was attacked by the alligator. The incident was quite frightening as the alligator drag her down to the lake. The video footage of the incident has been trending on online platforms.

The frightening incident did shock the onlookers at Fort Pierce, Florida. The incident happened in 20th February 2023. Reports reveal that Gloria Serge was walking beside the lake with her pet dog, suddenly an alligator attacked her dog. Gloria while trying to save her pet dog became the victim of the alligator who was dragged her into lake. As per the Gloria Serge Video Reddit, she was later pronounced dead.

Carole Thomas, the neighbour of Gloria serge being the eye-witness of the frightening incident called 911 and informed them about the incident. Till then, Gloria’s body was floating on the lake. The video of the frightening incident trends on online platforms.

Was the alligator trapped?

A frightening incident took place at the Spanish lakes Fairways in Fort Pierce, Florida. An 85 years old woman starring Gloria Serge was dragged into the lake by an alligator who was later found dead as her body was found floating above on the lake.

The Gloria Serge Video Reddit of the incident was widely discussed on social platforms. The neighbour informed the 911 about the incident. The nuisance gator trapper later trapped the alligator. Reports reveal that the weight of the alligator was 600 to 700 pounds.

Summing Up:

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Gloria Serge Video Reddit: FAQ-

Q1. What is the age of Gloria Serge?

Answer: 85 years

Q2. Where does Gloria Serge belongs to?

Answer: Fort Pierce, Florida

Q3. Was Gloria Serge attacked by the alligator?

Answer: Yes

Q4. When did the incident happen?

Answer: 20th February 2023

Q5. Where did the incident happen?

Answer: Spanish lakes Fairways in Fort Pierce, Florida 

Q6. Who called the 911?

Answer: Carole Thomas

Q7. Was the alligator trapped?

Answer: Yes

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