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This article provides information on the Gloria Serge Alligator Full Video Reddit and tells the readers about the new updates in the case.

Are you looking for information on the news about the alligator attack on an older woman in Florida? The news is trending on the internet, and readers from the United States and other countries want to know the whole story behind it. 

If you are searching for the same and for the Gloria Serge Alligator Full Video Reddit, check out the article until the end. 

Where can the audience find the video?

If you are looking for the full video of the alligator incident, it is not on the internet. However, if you want short clips regarding how the alligator attacked the lady, you can look at Reddit or Twitter.

Alligator attack Viral On Tiktok

The video gets readers’ attention from the United States and other countries as everyone likes to see what happened to the old lady and how the alligator attacked her. In the video, the alligator came out from the river and tried to take the pet dog with him.

However, when the old lady resisted and tried to save her dog, the alligator attacked her.

Gloria Serge’s Death 

The nearby people tried to help the lady when the incident happened, but it was too late, as seen in the Twitter video links. The authorities caught the alligator and said that it was around 600-700 pounds by the nuisance alligator catcher.

However, there’s no information on the internet about Gloria’s funeral ceremony, but you can find the obituary by her family and close friends. The authorities tried to keep things under control and assure that no one should feel scared in the state because of the wild attacks. 

Reaction of FWC

The authorities who caught the alligator say it was tough to catch the alligator who killed Gloria. As per the YouTube videos and interviews, the alligator was a nuisance who attacked people and pets and damaged the property.

The FWC said that these nuisance alligators are uncommon in Florida, and the authorities are taking strict action against the attacks. 

Reaction of Netizens

The netizen believed the old lady was brave as she saved her dog from the attack. Also, many people on social media are pointing out the flaws in the authorities’ decisions. Everyone knows that it is not the first time that these attacks have happened in Florida. 

The information related to the previous attacks is available on Instagram pages and other platforms with different pictures and links. 

Social media links- 

Final Words

An alligator attack is unfortunate, and the authorities are taking strict action to ensure it won’t happen again. Check here for more information

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Gloria Serge Alligator Full Video Reddit– FAQs

Q1. Where did the attack happen?

A: The attack happened in St. Lucie County, Florida.

Q2. What is SNAP?

A: Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program (SNAP).

Q3. Who are FWC?

A: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee is responsible for catching the nuisance alligator in the state and preserving them in a safe environment. 

Q4. Where is the alligator attack video available?

A: The video is available on different platforms, which include Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and many more. 

Q5. What is the name of the neighbour who came for help?

A: Carole Thomas.

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