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The below article is jotted down to help readers with the recent Fromis_9 Car Accident, and related details.

Are you so into the Korean world? Do you feel overwhelmed about the Fromis_9 group? If so, you must be acquainted with the recent South Korean girl’s group mishap. Almost everyone was waiting for their comeback in the PhilippinesMalaysiaIndonesia and the United States

But, their rejoinder has been eliminated due to the emergency. After 4 prolonged months, they were about to perform on stage. But Pledis Entertainment informed us about the Fromis_9 Car AccidentLet’s check the details-

Was An Accident Severe? 

Fortunately, the car accident that took place on June 25 on Saturday wasn’t very severe. It was a huge car where various individuals were present when the car met with an accident. Only five Fromis_9 members got wounded that too in a mild way. 

But, doctors have instructed the group to restrict their bodily actions. Their treatment is going on, so we can’t say anything about their forthcoming response. However, there may be some modifications to the following plan relying on the growth of their healing.

Who Were The Fromis_9 Members Who Got Injured? 

There were many individuals present in the vehicle. But, the main ones who got injured specifically amongst the Fromis_9 fellows were Song Hayoung, Park Jiwon, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Chaeyoung, and Baek Jiheon. Fortunately, their injuries were minor, and others were also safe. 

The suffering of the members and other passengers in the vehicle was not severe, and they were all shortly taken to the accident compartment for medical analysis and therapy. Doctors found some major bruises and muscle pain among a few members. But thankfully, there’s no case of ruptures. 

Why is the Fromis_9 Car Accident Trending? 

As we know, the craze of the From gang. The group last appeared to us four months back. On June 27, the girl gang was all set to perform to set the stage on fire. But, this accident turned the tables and saddened the hearts of many. 

So, the entertainment company chose to respect the group members’ health. And, they rescheduled the fromis_9’s 5th Mini Album from our Memento Box, which was all set to be released on Monday. 

All About From Our Momento Box

From our momento box is the fifth mini-album by Fromis_9 MembersIt has fixed a new subjective record with its upcoming mini-album even before its furlough. According to 9’s journal distributor, as of June 22, the group’s fifth mini-album had already exceeded 160,000 commodity pre-orders. 

It is the group’s enormous number of money pre-orders to period. As per the sources, they broke their record in stocking pre-orders. Let’s wish and pray for the quick recovery of the group members so that we can enjoy the newbie soon. 


Thankfully and fortunately, the Fromis_9 Car Accident wasn’t very severe and brutal as the final verdict. But, the doctors asked the team components to hamper their physical workouts. 

Because of this protection by the doctors, the entertainment company chose to honour the health of its members by postponing the event. We have given you the best information based on Internet research. Which is your favourite song by Fromis_9. Please Comment. 

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