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In the post below, we have discussed the viral Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video, with the police investigation reports and details of the event.

Do you know about why furnished battle in Güzelyurt District happened? Do you have at any rate some thought what happened in Güzelyurt Area? Do you know about while this staggering episode happened in Türkiye? You ought to examine this post accepting you are at this point ignorant that this happened. Here, we have imparted all the event nuances to evidence that should eyewitness this horrifying event.

Is it genuine that you are at this point not aware of this episode? Then, this event would blow your see any issues. The horrifying event disturbs people all over the planet, so you ought to scrutinize the under to have a deep understanding of Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video.

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What is Esenyurt Tekel Bayi viral Video?

An event video circled around the web on the web in which Esenyurt Tekel died. The entire episode was recorded on the reconnaissance camera. The recording uncovered four people came to a liquor shop in Güzelyurt Area on Friday night. All of the segments were in a comparable vehicle, and they started a dispute with Batuhan Bayındır, Yusuf Erzen, and Yunus Emre Erzen, who were presented in the store. Regardless, this episode was recorded on camera and turned into a web sensation On Reddit and other virtual diversion stages.

On account of this conflict, Yunus Emre Erzen and Batuhan Bayındır were shot dead. Both passed on the spot, but Yusuf Erzen had the choice to make due. Anyway he can persevere at this point, he is hospitalized due to his injuries.

Further nuances of the Esenyurt Tekel Video Twitter

The horrifying event raised the security concern, and the assessment continues. Police are endeavoring to track down all of the possible purposes behind the episode and looking for the suspects curious. In any case, the further nuances of the episode haven’t been uncovered right now, but the assessment is at this point nonstop. You can take a gander at the virtual diversion joins under to get to know this event.

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A stunning episode video turned into a web sensation on the web wherein four men showed up in a vehicle and started a dispute with three shop workers. Later these four men shot all of the three experts in which; two passed on, and one was still in the clinical facility. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the time of Batuhan Bayındır?

Ans. Batuhan Bayındır were 20 years old.

Q2. What was the time of Yusuf Erzen?

Ans. Yusuf Erzen is just 21 years old.

Q3. What was the shop where this episode happened?

Ans. The shop was of unfortunate debilitate substance.

Q4. Is this video available on TikTok?

Ans. As of now, we don’t know whether or not this video is open on TikTok.

Q5. Does the police catch the guilty party?

Ans. No, the police haven’t caught the guilty party yet.

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