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This Crumby Officer Funeral post reveals all the information about his last rites. We gained more knowledge about his personal information too.

Do you know about the recent gunshot that killed a police officer? Who all became the target on that day? Did anyone survive the incident? The readers from the United States are looking for the entire date associated with this incident. Public curiosity had been raised. 

One officer was killed in the gunshot. He was an honest and brave officer who had left his life for his community. The public is eager to learn about Crumby Officer Funeral. Our experts have some exclusive updates to share with you. So, read entirely and grab the details. 


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About Crumby Funeral

Garrett Crumby, a Huntsville police officer funeral, was held on 3rd April 2023 at 10:30 am. The burial was held at 5434-old Birmingham highway, Tuscaloosa Memorial Park, Huntsville. Several police officers across the state escorted the body of Crumby for burial.

Hundreds of his members, family and officers were present at Officer Crumby Huntsville Al funeral. The officers hosted the ceremony to lay crumby to the rest. After the ceremony, a procession of Crumby was led for the burial rituals.

About Crumby Funeral

Garrett Crumby Obituary

The Obituary of Garrett Crumby’s invitation was publicized to the public. It mentioned that the obituary of Crumby will be held on 2nd April 2023 from 3 pm to 6 pm in Mayfair Church of Christ.

Several people were flooded with the grief of respect for the location of the obituary. All his colleagues admired his bravery and honesty at this young age. Crumby Officer Funeral dates and times were announced earliest so many people could be available for his last rites.

Garrett Crumby Family

Garrett Crumby was a married man. He did not have children. He survived his father, mother and grandparents. He was the only son of his family. He was the second oldest of four children in the family. He has three sisters and ten nephews and nieces.

Is Garrett Crumby married?

Garrett Crumby was a married man. His wife’s name was Taylor Campbell crumby. They did not have children.

Police Officer Garrett Crumby was described as honest, brave, kind, and hardworking. He was not so outspoken. But he had always been a positive spirit to all.

Garrett Crumby Wiki

Complete name

Garrett Crumby
Age 36 year old
Birth date 4th August 1986
Birth place Starkville, Mississippi
Raised place Tuscaloosa
Service 10  years
Married Yes
Children No
Wife Taylor Campbell Crumby
Mother Janet Sherman
Father William R. Crumby


Family, friends and community members are proud of Garrett Crumby for his sacrifice. Several fellow officers, too, stated Officer Garrett Crumby had a great response that he did on the day of the gunshot.

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The procession of crumby was held grandly with due respect for his sacrifice. Their brave officer’s death disheartens his community. The response received during his funeral was tremendous.


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Crumby Officer Funeral–FAQ

Q1. Did any other officer die with Crumby?

No, one officer was injured severely.

Q2. Who was the officer injured?

Albert Morin.

Q3. When did Garrett Crumby die?

28th March 2023

Q4. How did Garrett Crumby die? 

Garrett Crumby was killed in the line of duty while reacting to the fire shots by the opponents.

Q5. Where did the incident take place?

Governors House Drive Apartment, Huntsville

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