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This article provides information on the Axel in Harlem Video and tells different facts about the studio that created the video.

Do you want to know about the Axel in Harlem situation, which everyone is talking about on the internet? Recently, a video got viral on the internet, and the United States users rapidly searched for the Axel relation in the Harlem video.

However, if you need to learn about the Axel in Harlem Video and look for related facts, read the article until the end.

Why is the Axel in Harlem trending?

The prime video launched a teaser for Axel in Harlem season 2, and the audience’s curiosity rose about the show. Axel in Harlem is used as meme material to make fun of other people as the Axel character shows like a person with a big rear. 

Axel in Harlem by Animan

Alex in Harlem is a part of Animan Studios, which is suitable for the grown-up audience. However, if you are not 18+, this series and meme pages are unsuitable. According to the creator, Alex in Harlem is a character that lives in the neighbourhood and attracts men. 

The other men followed him while he walked sideways in a unique manner. The men follow them to the elevator, and the intimacy scene starts. The Alex in Harlem shows attraction between man to man, and that’s why many of the networks aren’t supporting it.


Axel in Harlem by Animan

What are the reactions to the views?

The viewers enjoyed the video in a fun way, but for most of them, it was inappropriate. The video shows all black characters, and the presentation of the guys in Axel in Harlem Video is disturbing for some people. 

The video is circulated on different platforms like Reddit, Tumblr and TikTok, but many websites don’t support the video. On TikTok, you will find the video in a censored way where they cut down a few scenes to make it appropriate for young readers. 

About Animan Studios 

Animan Studios focuses on the man-to-man relationship and produces mature content whose video gained popularity in January 2023. The Alex in Harlem scene got popular with different mix songs like Vamonos De Fiesta A Factory.

Animan Studios started making cartoons in 2011 with retro designs and funny themes that attract viewers. 

Where can viewers watch the video?

If you are looking for Axel in Harlem Full Video, you can check out the links on different websites. You could get the links through Reddit or Twitter if they still need to take out the video. However, you can look at different articles and find the link. 

There’s an official website of Animan studios on which videos are similar to Alex in Harlem.

Social media links-

Does anyone have the axel in Harlem vid from ThugSauces


The Alex in Harlem video has been trending on different websites and platforms since its release in 2016. You will get the censored version on TikTok platforms and full video links on other websites.

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Axel in Harlem Video– FAQs

Q1. Who is the creator of Animan Studios?

A: The identity of the creator is hidden.

Q2. Where did the creator belong? 

A: In an interview, the creator mentioned that he belongs to the United States.

Q3. When was the Alex in Harlem video released?

A: January 2016.

Q4. Where’s the full video available?

A: The full video is available on Reddit, Tumblr and Animan’s official website.

Q5. Is the video child friendly?

A: No, the video is for an 18+ audience. 

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