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Did you know that Animan Studios gained popularity overnight Worldwide due to its digital art creation of anime character named Alex? Would you like to know who Alex was? What is featured in the song? What types of memes were created following its concept? What is the business of Animan Studios? Where can you find the original video of Alex Animan Studios’ song? 

Let’s check why the Animan Studios Song go viral. 

About Axel in Harlem:

Disclaimer: We do not promote (or) support any form of grownup content. The details in this post are taken from several sources on the internet and intended for information only.

Do not confuse the word Harlem as the city in the USA (or) the name Alex with some in Harlem city. Alex is a cartoon character created by Animan Studios. 

Animan Studios is a commercial shopping site selling digital art, men’s and women’s clothing, furnishing, and accessories. Animan Studios is ramping up its business with the modern concept of creating a cartoon character and Axel in Harlem by Anime Studios, getting its copyrights, and using the images of cartoon characters and its trending video on T-shirts, buttons, stickers, mugs, curtains, and accessories.

The Animan Studios products are included on its official website and Twitter pages. Animan Studios is on only one social media platform – Twitter @AnimanStudios, with 139.9K+ subscribers. 

You might have encountered ads where the company does not hire famous media personalities for branding. Instead, the company creates its own character for the ads, saving a huge amount on ad creation and ambassadorship. Similarly, Animan Studios creates cartoon characters and Animan Studios Song that are above 18+ years old. Hence, the Animan Studios website and its Twitter pages are age-restricted. 

The Animan Studios Meme Video Original can be viewed on the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) Reddit group @wordington. However, it is a shot uncensored grownup clip of 00:02:03 minutes and 5.7 MB in size, taken from the original video of 00:13:30 minutes and 37 MB in size. 

All Animan Studios cartoon characters are male and featured in grownup videos only. Mranimanstudios’ website contains explicit digital content created for promoting its cartoon characters and ultimately selling printed products.

Animan Studios Song:

Animan Studios featured the Axel in Harlem video for sale for $7.00, describing it as – An all-men’s party in fashionable Harlem of the 1930s. The video shows Alex, a black man with a well-built and attractive physique. While Alex walks on the street, several people of the same gender (men) get romantically attracted and follow Alex to the 3rd floor of a building where a grownup party is happening.

Further video shots show explicit content of several cartoon characters (only men) having relationships with the same gender in a bedroom, with background Animan Studios Song.

Social media links: excluded due to grownup content.


Using the same concept of Alex’s video, memes were created with normal playing characters from Roblox, GTA, Spiderman, Mario, Pokemon, Genshing Impact, Dragon Ball, Doomverse, TF2, Valorant, Jojolion, LOL, FNAF, Countryball, Rec Room, Otamatone, Jojo, HL2, Deltarune, and Chavo. The memes featured several stands and characters, such as Poké Ball, Goblin, Etc., making memes go viral.

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Animan Studios Song – FAQ

Q1. When was the video featured on Mranimanstudios?

The Axel in Harlem cartoon character and its grownup video were featured on Mranimanstudios on 19th January 2018. 

Q2. Since when Animan Studios and its Alex video became popular?

Since February 2023.

Q3. What Animan Studios Song means?

The original Alex video included a song as background music and the memes used game-specific music.

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