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Alexis Jennens Found has shared the news on a Brisbane girl missing since 31st May but was found recently, according to her father’s post.

Are you searching for an update on the Brisbane girl missing since 31st May? As his dad posted on a different platform seeking people’s help to locate her, netizens Worldwide responded. According to the latest post-Alexis was found and is with her family; Daryl thanked the audience for the support shown to his call to help.

After her daughter went missing, Daryl Jennens used online platforms like LinkedIn and Reddit to inform his close ones. Alexis Jennens Found has more on this incident, so keep reading it till the end.

Latest Update on Alexis Jennens:

According to a post on LinkedIn, Alexis is located by police and is present with family members. Daryl Jennens has a profile on LinkedIn, and after exhausting all the options, he posted a message on this platform about his missing daughter.

Daryl has around 4618 followers and 500 connections on the LinkedIn Platform, and he intended to use it to locate his daughter. Although he is with his daughter at present, the reason for her missing is still not apparent.

Daryl Jennens Daughter Brisbane:

On 31st May 2022, the public authority announced in Brisbane that a girl named Alexis Jennens had been missing from 7.30 am on Tuesday. According to her father, Alexis was last seen in Burpengary and was wearing black track pants and a grey color jumper.

The contact number of his father and some of her pics were made available for people to recognize her. Daryl stated that Alexis is 15 years of age, and not contacting her parents is against her usual behavior. All these reports related to Alexis have made many people worried about Daryl Jennens Daughter Brisbane safety, and most of them are expecting her to reach home safely.

Alexis Jennens Missing on Digital Platform:

Daryl reported the missing complaint to local police, and they alerted the resident about the missing girl. Alexis’s picture and Daryl’s phone number, 0413 511 229, were made public to help people locate Alexis.

After exhausting all options, Daryl used social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit to make people aware of his missing daughter. He got overwhelming support from an online audience, and they all supported him through this difficult time.

Alexis Jennens Found responses on Social Media:

Daryl made a post a few hours ago in which he confirmed his daughter’s arrival. He didn’t elaborate on the reason behind her arrival but stated that police found her. Daryl thanked all the internet users for supporting and cooperating with him.

He also stated that they would have to sort out the things and get on with their lives as a family. Around sixty people have commented on posts, and some of them wanted to know the reason behind her disappearance.

Final verdict:

We cannot find the exact reason behind Alexis Jennens Found, but social media can play a more significant role in similar cases in the future. No other medium has this capacity to provide fast and extensive reach in times of need. 

Please note all the details present here entirely based on internet research. People can share their thoughts on Alexis found in the comment section.

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