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The article describes the details of the Akihabara Massacre Reddit Video and details the culprit who led to the incident.

Did you come across the Akihabara Massacre news? The video has created a sensation on Reddit, and people from the Philippines are willing to know about the incident in Japan.

We will provide you with the details of the incident, and those willing to know about the Akihabara Massacre Reddit Video can read the entire incident in this article.

Disclaimer: We do not promote such incidents or post any false information; the incident is based on authentic sources.

Updates on Reddit regarding the video

The incident occurred on June 8, 2008, when a man named Tomohiro drove at a truck in the crowd at the Akihabara shopping complex in Tokyo, Japan, killing five people on the spot. People gathered to help those victims and the man came out of the truck, stabbed as many people as he could, and injured twelve people.

Is the video Viral On TikTok?

The video shows extremely sensitive content, and hence, the video is shown in a censored form. The complete details of the video are not seen anywhere, and even in TikTok, such videos are not found. TikTok is an entertainment channel, and people cannot post sensitive content online.

Is the Akihabara Incident Video available online?

The news of the incident is seen on online news channels, but the completely uncensored video is not found on social media or public platforms. The video is unsuitable for kids, so such sensitive content cannot be uploaded online. It isn’t easy to get the video of the incident on online platforms.

The reaction of people to the incident

People are backlashing the incident on Instagram, and some users were sad to know the reason behind the mass killing and why he took this huge step. Unfortunately, people become prey to bullying, and some cannot control their anger, leading to such huge steps.

Viewers looking for the video on YouTube

People who came to know about the incident are searching for the complete video on YouTube. Unfortunately, they did not find the complete video; only the incident news was shared online. We have not found the complete video either on the authentic channels, and even if seen, we cannot post the link here due to extremely sensitive content.

Details of the incident on Twitter

The man who killed those people in the shopping complex was arrested, and he accepted his crime. He said that he was bullied online and he was angry towards people, and that was the reason why he killed those people. He said he did not care who those people were, and in his anger, he killed as many people as possible.

Telegram platform showing the video online.

The video is not shown online on any groups on Telegram. We have also not found the video link on Telegram.

Social media links


The Akihabara Massacre video led to Tomohiro’s execution, and he was sentenced to death on July 26, 2022. The details of the incident are found online, and people can easily watch them.

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Akihabara Massacre Reddit Video– FAQs

Q1. Who is Tomohiro Kato?

The man who killed and stabbed many people in a shopping complex.

Q2. What was his age when he committed the crime?

He was 25 years old.

Q3. Is the video available online?


Q4. Was he arrested?


Q5. How many ambulances were there for the rescue?


Q6. How did he kill people at first?

By a rented truck.

Q7. What was the reason behind the killing?

Online bullying.

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