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The news about Ajibola Odusanya Scam has been trending on the internet. Thus, we have provided the details about it.

Do you know Ajibola Odusanya? Who is Ajibola? For what reason is Ajibola moving via web-based entertainment? How did Ajibola Odusanya respond? To appropriately be aware of Ajibola Odusanya Scam, read this article. Individuals from Overall need to realize about the continuous extortion case on Ajibola. Everybody additionally needs to be familiar with Ajibola’s subtleties. Peruse it here in this article.

Data About Misrepresentation Case on Ajibola Odusanya

An infamous trickster, Ajibola Odusanya, is moving again in light of the fact that as of late, he misled a UK-based Lady named; Olly Ade. She is of Nigerian plummet, and Ajibola has swindled her for 20400 Euros. This isn’t the initial time when Ajibola’s name has been hauled as a trickster; in 2021, he even confronted preliminary for defrauding two companions for 8,80,000 Naira (Nigerian Money).

Disclaimer: This article contains news a notorious about an individual for misleading individuals. Numerous individual subtleties are not accessible about Ajibola on the web.

Subtleties on Ajibola Odusanya Misrepresentation Previous Case

Before, he confronted preliminary in Tinubu Officer Court. Charges were off, taking and extortion, yet Ajibola argued not blameworthy. According to the sources, Ajibola defrauded his companions in February 2021 in Lagos. He defrauded Folorunsho Adeboya for N 685000 and Aliyu Shittu for N 195000.

He gathered the cash on the guise of trading it for dollars and a PS5. In any case, subsequent to getting the cash, Ajibola began to rationalize and didn’t return the cash. He was a jobless individual.

More Insights concerning Ongoing Case

In a new case, the swindled lady tweeted about Ajibola Odusanya Scam on Twitter. Also, numerous different females began to guarantee that they had been defrauded by Ajibola too. She even posted a clasp of Ajibola bowing and asking for pardoning from Olly.

She expounded on how absurd and innocent she feels now. Also, she would have recently looked through about him on the Google and had a profound knowledge of him. Yet, she was youthful and kind. Hence, Olly thought she was simply helping somebody. Many individuals shared Olly’s tweet and made it viral.


The present article about Ajibola Odusanya Trick is about somebody who has misled many individuals and, surprisingly, confronted court preliminaries. However, even from that point onward, he has not amended his way of behaving. After lawful difficulty in 2021, Ajibola again misled a UK lady Olly Ade on the guise of affection. Ajibola owes 20400 Euros to Olly Ade. Olly took this to her Twitter account, and from that point forward, this subject has been moving on the web. Assuming that you wish to watch the video Olly transferred, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Ajibola Odusanya?

A1. Ajibola is scandalous for his famous tricks.

Q2. What did Ajibola do as of late?

 A2. He cheated Olly Ade (a lady from London) for in excess of 20,000 Euros.

Q3. Did Ajibola have a past filled with misrepresentation?

A3. Indeed, in 2021, he confronted a trial for misleading his companions.

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